COVID-19 Staff Risk Assessments

The Trust has an in-house electronic Covid Risk Assessment based on the ALAMA tool for calculating Covid-age.  This risk assessment is dynamic and so any update to the ALAMA tool or new medical evidence can be adopted into the Trust’s electronic system to provide a revised score.  Staff are advised to update their risk assessment if they move into a new age bracket or have a change to their health.  The risk score is split into 4 categories ranging from Low Risk to Very High Risk and this determines where the staff member can and cannot work.

Staff risk assessments - Northern services

93.2% risk assessments completed by NDHT colleagues

Completed staff risk assessments

  • % of over 60s – 98%
  • % of men – 83%
  • % of ethnic minority – 125%

(Please note the figures above include risk assessments for locums and bank staff leading to some figures being shown as more than 100% of our total substantive workforce.

Please note totals include bank staff and locums therefore figures will fluctuate:

Base line 3,731 (requested new base line headcount update)

Last updated: July 24, 2023.