Our principles for patient communication

We know that poor communication with patients doesn’t just lead to a negative experience, but can also impact their care and risk their safety. Our principles for patient communication are a vital part of our commitment to deliver quality care and positive experiences for our patients.

In all our communication with patients:

  • We will be clear, honest, timely, and compassionate
  • We will listen to what matters to you and involve you in your care, together with your carer as appropriate
  • We will let you know the next steps in your care, how to contact us, and where to find trusted information
  • We will ask about, record, and meet your additional communication needs
  • We will offer a range of ways for people to communicate with us, that are inclusive and recognise people’s diverse situations
  • We will make the best use of NHS resources, reducing waste and environmental impact where possible
  • We will manage your information securely and confidentially
  • We will work with our patients, staff and communities to continually improve our communication

We are committed to providing accessible services for all, so if you have specific communication needs, more information about the support we can provide is available on our accessibility, support & learning disability pages.

Last updated: May 02, 2024.