Audiology - Eastern services

The service in Exeter and Eastern Devon is provided by Chime Social Enterprise. Originally part of the RD&E, the service was transferred to Mid Devon PCT in 2004 and became a Social Enterprise in 2011.

We take referrals for hearing tests with adults and children of any age, discuss the results and agree a way forward with clients. If you need hearing aid amplification, we can provide this too as an NHS service. If you need hearing therapy, balance work or tinnitus services, we can accept NHS referrals and refer you to the correct part of the service where this becomes obvious.

Find out more about the services we offer on our website:

Chime is a not-for-profit organisation with NHS terms and conditions that is directly contracted by the RD&E and the Devon Clinical Commissioning Group. Chime operates commercially to generate income that has to be used, as a social enterprise, to support the NHS bottom line, and all staff have the option to be a member and have a ‘share’ with voting rights.

Last updated: February 03, 2023.