Hearing aids

Hearing aids can:

  • help you hear everyday sounds such as the doorbell and phone
  • improve your ability to hear speech
  • make you feel more confident when talking to people and make it easier for you to follow conversations in different environments
  • help you to enjoy listening to music and the TV, at a volume that's comfortable for those around you

But hearing aids only help if you still have some hearing left, so do not put off getting help if your hearing is getting worse.

More information

Our department issues digital hearing aids as standard.

They are sophisticated multi-channel aids with features such as directional microphones, automatic noise reduction and different programmes that can be selected for varying listening conditions.

Who is eligible?

We offer digital aids to every patient if their hearing tests show that they would benefit from one.
If you have not had an NHS hearing aid before, you must first visit your GP.

We also offer digital aids to people who already have NHS hearing aids, as and when their hearing aid review is due. We will update those who already have digital hearing aids when their current aid is no longer suitable.

If you are a war pensioner, you will be given priority for hearing aids if your pension was awarded for deafness resulting from service. This means that you may be seen more quickly at your clinic but it does not mean that you are entitled to better hearing aids than other patients.

You can get an NHS digital hearing aid, even if you have already bought a hearing aid privately. If you are a private ear, nose and throat (ENT) patient, you must wait the same amount of time to be fitted with aid as NHS patients referred by their GP. You will not be given any priority over other referrals.

If you feel that you require a routine appointment for maintenance or management of your hearing aid, please contact the audiology department to arrange an appointment.

Lost hearing aids

If your hearing aid has been lost please contact the Audiology department for a replacement.

Please note that if you have lost your hearing aid, it is likely that you will be charged £80 for a replacement unless exempt. Please contact us to find out more about eligibility criteria. 

How often should I have my hearing checked?

Hearing loss is generally a gradual process over a number of years, and as such hearing assessments do not need to be carried out very frequently. 

We would suggest that you contact the department to arrange a hearing assessment if you have increased difficulties with hearing despite your ears being clear of wax, and after making sure that your hearing devices are serviced and functioning properly.

Batteries and Hearing Aid Repairs


Hearing aid repairs and maintenance can be performed via booked appointment only at North Devon District Hospital or any of the community clinic sites. 

Replacement tubing/slim tubes and domes can be posted out upon request for hearing aids issued by North Devon Audiology, by ringing 01271 322476 or emailing rduh.audiology@nhs.net.   

Batteries can be collected from the Audiology department at North Devon District Hospital or can be posted out to you upon request.

Please be aware only patients that have had their hearing aids provided by the North Devon Audiology Department are entitled to batteries.

Batteries will only be provided on production of a valid NHS Battery Book/card, if a replacement is needed due to damage/loss, please contact the department.

You can also get them from local health centres in and around North Devon during office hours.


  • Vicarage Street Health Centre
  • Brannam Medical Centre
  • Fremington Medical Centre
  • Bideford Hospital
  • Northam Surgery
  • Caen Medical Centre
  • Bude – Stratton Hospital (does not supply brown CP41 batteries)
  • Chulmleigh Health Centre
  • Holsworthy Medical Centre and Bradworthy Surgery
  • Ilfracombe Tyrell Hospital
  • Combe Martin Health Centre
  • Lynton Cottage Hospital and Medical Centre
  • Shebbear Surgery
  • Black Torrington Surgery
  • South Molton Community Hospital
  • Torrington Cottage Hospital



You can find a list of available accessories here.
To purchase the products, please visit or contact the audiology department on 01271 322476. 
Payment is by card only. 

'How to' videos

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Last updated: February 28, 2023.