Additional services

Additional services


Where we deem appropriate we are able to offer our patients Sedation. Sedation can be carried out in our dental centres/ clinics.

Sedation is defined as “A technique in which the use of a drug or drugs produces a state of depression of the central nervous system enabling treatment to be carried out, but during which verbal contact with the patient is maintained throughout the period of sedation”

We are able to utilise different forms of sedation such as Inhalation sedation, Transmucosal sedation and Intravenous sedation.

Inhalation sedation is the most widely utilised type of sedation within our service.

Please note that Intravenous and Transmucosal sedation is only available for our special care patients.

Please see leaflets below for more information:

Inhalation sedation treatment

Intravenous/transmucosal sedation

Intravenous/transmucosal sedation – information for accompanying adult

Fluffy bear inhalation sedation leaflet for young children

This is a great video to help patients prepare for dental IV sedation, including before and after care instructions:

General anaesthetics

We are able to refer our patients for dental procedures to be carried out under general anaesthetic.

General anaesthetics are undertaken in a hospital setting.  We require a team of professionals, at the hospital, to administer and ensure the safety of the general anaesthetics. The dentistry will be carried out by dental professionals from our salaried dental service.

The General anaesthetic will be undertaken at either North Devon District Hospital in Barnstaple or Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in Exeter

Please see leaflets below for more information:

Your visit to the day case unit during covid-19

Your child coming into Heavitree day case unit

Your child’s general anaesthetic

Rees Bear information for younger children

Davy Detective information for young people

General anaesthesia – a brief guide for young people

My general anaesthetic – easy read (Barnstaple)

My general anaesthetic – easy read (Exeter)

Not eating and drinking before your operation

Information for teenage girls having treatment, procedure or surgery

Due to covid-19 there have been some changes in the way our services run. We will be wearing more PPE and there is a one way system within Heavitree Hospital.  This page has some resources you can use to prepare for the appointment. Learning disability service.

Oral surgery

We are lucky to be able to provide an oral surgery service within our department.

Our oral surgeons carry out more complex extractions that may require a surgical approach. This can include wisdom teeth, teeth which are in a challenging position or teeth which are hidden underneath the gum.

Patients are often first seen by their general dental practitioner who make the initial assessment and, if deemed appropriate, refer to our service.

My general anaesthetic – easy read (Barnstaple)

My general anaesthetic – easy read (Exeter)

Wisdom teeth removal (Dental Access Centre)

Care of the mouth after oral surgery (Dental Access Centre)

Dental epidemiology

We are commissioned, by public health England, to carry out dental surveys of specific population groups in Devon.

These epidemiology surveys gather information on incidence and distribution of dental disease. The data is used to help meet the oral health needs of a specific population and plan for future needs.

Oral health promotion

Our oral health improvement practitioners are continuously working on projects to achieve specific oral health goals to help improve the oral health of people in Devon.

We also support and promote national oral health campaigns such as National Smile Month, Mouth Cancer Action month and Stoptober.

Last updated: August 10, 2023


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