Staples Ward (North)

Staples Ward is an acute stroke unit based at North Devon District Hospital, located on level 5. 

We make sure:

  • All patients are assessed and managed by the specialist stroke team
  • Patients have access to appropriate diagnostics
  • Secondary prevention measures are commenced as appropriate
  • Rehabilitation starts on day one of admission where appropriate
  • We aim to promote recovery through early mobilisation, i.e. getting out of bed and getting dressed as early as possible.
  • Appropriate and timely discharge planning

Patients will probably need tests in order to understand the diagnosis and reduce the risk of a further Stroke. These may include a brain scan (MRI or CT scan), heart scan (echocardiogram), neck scan (carotid duplex) or blood tests.

Information and about us

We follow the Royal Collage of Physicians guidance on Stroke and the 2019 NICE diagnosis and initial management of Stroke in over 16’s guidelines.

We form part of the Stroke Sentinel National Audit Programme where our performance is monitored. Our current overall organisational rating is “B”

We are also part of the South West integrated Stroke delivery network with regular meetings with staff across the region, working closely with Derriford Hospital southwest Neuro Surgical Unit as well as the National Stroke Association.

Our services

We are always striving to improve our services, putting our patients at the heart of what we do. Our Get up Get Moving campaign replicates normal activity levels at home and encourages rehabilitation by encouraging patients who are able, to get out of bed before breakfast. We also provide tasks and activities, helping our patients to practice exercises by themselves. Evidence shows that this is an excellent way to improve recovery. 

– Get up Get moving. We aim to get all patients, who are able, up and out of bed before breakfast. This replicates normal activity levels at home and encourages rehab.

– Self Ward based exercises. We aim to provide all patients, who are able, tasks/ exercises they can practice by themselves. This increases their intensity of rehabilitation and is evidenced to improve recovery.

– Digital Therapy. We utilise technology where appropriate as an aid to rehabilitation to increase self-practice for example using specific apps recommended on

-Evidence reviews – We regularly review current journals and literature to ensure evidenced based practice via our Pico Project.

– Communication Friendly Environment – We aim to provide a supportive and communication friendly environment. Using simple strategies, such as allowing time, pen and paper and encouraging patients is evidenced to help rehabilitation recovery.

Where to find us

We are based at the North Devon District Hospital, Level 5. 

North Devon District Hospital
Raleigh Park
EX31 4JB

Contact us

The telephone number is 01271 322360 and ask for Staples Ward (Stroke Unit)

Patient information leaflets

We produce a wide range of leaflets which provide information about our services and about the treatment you might receive in our clinics or during your stay in hospital. 

We also produce these in different formats including large print, please contact the department you are visiting for more information.

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Useful videos

We have a wide range of videos which provide information about our services and about the treatment you might receive in our clinics or during your stay in hospital. 

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Last updated: April 02, 2024.