Paediatric allergy challenge

Who is this resource for?

Parents or carers of children who have been invited to a paediatric allergy challenge appointment. 

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Where do appointments take place

Paediatric allergy challenge appointments are performed in a hospital clinic. This is so your child can be monitored throughout the challenge and that healthcare professionals are available if a reaction does happen. 

In the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS foundation Trust challenges can occur in the Eastern (Exeter) hospital or the Northern (Barnstaple) hospital.

If you are having your appointment in Exeter, it will be on the Paediatric Ambulatory Unit (Level 1, Area J, Children’s Outpatients.

If you are having your appointment in Barnstaple, it will take place on the Caroline Thorpe Ward.

We have maps of the main Wonford site, North Devon District Hospital and the main hospital wards at Wonford.

Last updated: November 09, 2023.