Care Quality Commission (CQC) reports and ratings

The Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust and the Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust merged on the 1 April 2022 to become the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

The Trust is required to register with the Care Quality Commission and its current registration status is registered in full without conditions.

In November and December 2022, the CQC undertook an announced inspection of the surgical, medical and diagnostic imaging services across the Eastern and Northern acute sites. A well led inspection is scheduled for May 2023. The final report and associated ratings are awaited.

Until the new ratings are published, the existing ratings for the acute and community sites are as follows:

Eastern services (formerly Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust)

Northern services (formerly Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust)

You can find out more about our previous inspections and reports below.

The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital (Wonford)

The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital (Wonford) retained its rating of ‘Good’ during the most recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection in 2019; and was designated as outstanding in a number of areas, including for ‘Caring’ generally and for our ‘Urgent and Emergency’, ‘Critical Care’ and ‘Renal’ services. You can read more here.

North Devon District Hospital

The Care Quality Commission published a report on services at Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust in September 2019, following their inspection in May 2019. The inspection looked at urgent and emergency, maternity, end of life and outpatients services at North District Devon Hospital and community inpatient services at South Molton. The report recognised that there had been significant positive changes since the previous inspection in October 2017, but kept the overall rating as ‘requires improvement’. You can read more here.

Last updated: May 03, 2023


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