Diabetes Handbook (East)

This section of the website is primarily intended for healthcare professionals and uses medical language. We hope to develop a section for the benefit of patients in the future.

The Diabetes UK website is an excellent source of information for patients and professionals alike.

See below the subject headings of the Exeter Diabetes Handbook. They will, in time, be linked to the relevant sections of the handbook.

Patient-held records

Referral guidelines

Diabetes diagnosis

Diabetes education

  • Structured education
  • Top 10 dietary tips for diabetes

Monitoring glucose control

Blood glucose control in type 2 diabetes



  • Hypoglycaemia
  • DKA and HHS (HONK)
  • Sudden visual loss



Cardiovascular risk reduction

Renal disease in diabetes

Erectile dysfunction

Integrated foot care

Virtual Clinics

  • Virtual clinics description and topics


Last updated: February 24, 2023.


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