KnowledgeShare - Evidence Updates

KnowledgeShare - Evidence Updates

KnowledgeShare is our latest evidence service. Once signed up you will receive regular personalised evidence updates relating to your professional interests.

Evidence updates are sent every two weeks, and will include the latest guidelines, policy documents, reports and research targeted to your area. This should save you time by connecting you directly to the latest evidence on a regular basis.

The updates focus on the latest evidence that could change practice and improve patient care, so you won’t be inundated with information.

Your details

List your interests below to sign up to receive KnowledgeShare Evidence Updates by email:

You may change these settings at any time at (using your NHS OpenAthens account). *Membership to KnowledgeShare is restricted to staff and students eligible for an NHS OpenAthens account.

Privacy Notice and Membership Declaration

We are committed to safeguarding your information. The information you supply will be used to contact you about services or resources you have requested from the Knowledge and Library Service (KLS).

Your declaration

I apply for membership of the KnowledgeShare service and agree to abide by the KLS terms and conditions. I agree to my data being held as described above.

How does it work?

To register for KnowledgeShare you just need to fill out and submit a form to tell us your contact details, preferences and areas of interest.

You can create your profile to be as broad or specific as you would like. You can add which conditions, age groups, professional groups or settings you are interested in. For example, Bipolar disorder, dementia, carer needs, support, discharge planning, occupational therapists, forensic psychiatric settings. You can also amend your interests at any time.

To receive alerts, you will need an OpenAthens account.

Last updated: March 18, 2024


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