Chaplaincy (Spiritual, religious, and pastoral care)

Chaplaincy (Spiritual, religious, and pastoral care)

Illness and injury can affect more than just your body. There are times when patients, families, and staff all require a different kind of support. Whether you need a listening ear or spiritual support, our Chaplaincy service is here for you.

We try to make sure that the spiritual, pastoral, and emotional needs of patients, relatives and staff are met, whatever your faith or belief. This very much includes those who do not consider themselves religious at all. 

Illness can also bring added anxieties that people may find difficult to share with those closest to them. Members of our team can sit with patients, relatives and staff and be a listening presence.

We are also available in an emergency to provide additional support to patients and families.

Unfortunately, we are unable to continue to support and visit after discharge. But if you are in need of further support we can endeavour to help find this support in the community as part of your discharge planning.

Royal Devon Chaplaincy Annual Report 2022-2023

Royal Devon and Exeter (Wonford) Chaplaincy service

Everyone is welcome to visit the Chaplaincy Centre. It is based on level 2 at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital (Wonford) near the TLC Restaurant. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is a space for people of all faiths and none. Patients, visitors, and staff are welcome to use it as a place for quiet reflection or for prayer, or to simply sit.

Contact us

If you would like a Healthcare Chaplain to visit you, please inform a member of the ward staff or contact us directly.

Our community hospitals in Mid Devon, East Devon and Exeter are also supported by a dedicated Chaplaincy Team, as well as good networks with local belief groups.

Contact (01392) 402024 or call the hospital switchboard on (01392) 411611 and ask for the Chaplaincy Team

What we do

Our team can help you to meet your needs while in hospital. This can include:

  • 24-hour on-call service for urgent situations, accessed via clinical members of the care team

  • 1-2-1 support, talking through faith/belief concerns and wider questions; “why me?”

  • Support when viewing a deceased relative

  • Support families through baby loss

  • Enable patients to attend events in the chaplaincy centre where possible

  • Specific practices of faith traditions taken to the bedside, for example, prayer, Holy Communion, and anointing

  • Our Chaplaincy Centre offers facilities for Muslim prayer (and Wudu), as well as regular Buddhist and Hindu events

  • We are currently unable to provide weekly Sunday services in the chaplaincy centre, but we do have organised services for specific events throughout the year, for example Easter, Remembrance, and Christmas

  • 21 Day Wellbeing Review for patients that become long stay. We recognise that a long period in hospital can become challenging, so we check in with patients at 3 weeks to see if there is any further support that they need

Our team

Our team includes chaplains from different traditions, who represent a range of beliefs found in Devon. Each is trained and experienced in Healthcare Chaplaincy. For instance, our Chaplain on Duty on any particular day may be Anglican, Salvation Army, or Humanist (non-religious). Our team also includes Roman Catholic, Hindu, and many other traditions.

All of our chaplains understand that their role is to listen to people wherever they are on their spiritual journey and never to impose their own beliefs. We are supported by trained volunteers, the majority of whom spend their time visiting wards. There is also a wider network of Honorary Chaplains and community support.

All our team can be identified by official NHS ID and, like all healthcare staff, we are bound by strict confidentiality and safeguarding rules.

North Devon District Hospital Chaplaincy service

A Chapel and Chaplaincy Centre are located on Level 1 at North Devon District Hospital and these are open 24/7. The Centre comprises a small Christian Chapel with access to a courtyard garden, a quiet room which opens into the chapel or which can be kept separate and a small prayer room for use by any faith.

Contact us

Please ask our friendly ward staff if you would like to see a chaplain or chaplaincy visitor. You can also let us know you would like to see someone prior to your admission on 01271 322362. Please leave a message if there is no one in the office. 

What we do

  • Our volunteers visit wards on weekdays. Chaplains are usually available throughout the hospital between 8 am and 4 pm. We are also available on Sunday mornings

  • All of our chaplains are part-time, so please be aware that there might be some occasions when we aren't on-site

  • There is no service in the chapel on a Sunday, but our chaplain will visit you on the ward to share Holy Communion or a simple time of prayer if you request this

  • We can meet you during your stay with us as an inpatient or if you are visiting as an outpatient

Our team

  • Revd. Jonathon Daniel, Head of Spiritual Care

  • Revd. Alison Rogers, North Devon District Hospital

  • Revd. Dave Eadie; South Molton Community Hospital and North Devon District Hospital

  • Father Peter Morgan; Roman Catholic Chaplain

Last updated: November 08, 2023.