Patient Information leaflets

We produce a wide range of leaflets which provide information about our services and about the treatment you might receive in our clinics or during your stay in hospital. 

We also produce these in different formats including large print, please contact the department you are visiting for more information.


Patient Information Leaflet Loss And Grief RDE 18 203 001

Patient Information Leaflet Low Dose Aspirin In Pregnancy To Prevent Pre Eclampsia Rde 18 214 003

Patient Information Leaflet Low Papp A Rde 19 233 002

Patient Information Leaflet Monochorionic Twinpregnancy RDE 19 238 001

Patient Information Leaflet Parents Guide To Infant Feeding RDE 18 152 001

Patient Information Leaflet Prescribed Opiate Use In Pregnancy RDE 19 055 001

Patient Information Leaflet Preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis Before And After Birth Rde 18 069 002

Patient Information Leaflet Raised Maternal Age In Pregnancy RDE 19 089 001

Patient Information Leaflet Results Information After First Trimester Screening Clinic Appointment RDE 19 097 001

Patient Information Leaflet Vitamin K Newborn Babies RDE 18 164 002

Patient Information Leaflet Why Your Weight Matters In Pregnancy Rde 19 059 001

Patient Information Leaflet Advice About Perineum After Giving Birth RDE 19 071 001

Patient Information Leaflet Antenatal Hand Expressing Of Breast Milk RDE 19 232 001

Patient Information Leaflet Caesarean Section Rde 18 045 002

Patient Information Leaflet Dichorionic Twin Pregnancy RDE 19 237 001

Patient Information Leaflet Downs Syndrome Testing After 20 Weeks Of Pregnancy RDE 19 130 001

Patient Information Leaflet Induction Of Labour What Is It And What Does It Involve Rde 19 105 002

Patient Information Leaflet Intravenous (Iv) Iron Therapy In Pregnancy Rde 21 005 001

Patient Information Leaflet Iron Supplement For Anaemia In Pregnancy RDE 19 056 001

Patient Information Leaflet Lateral Flow Device Lfd Testing Rde 21 036 001

Genital herpes and pregnancy: Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists leaflet


Pregnancy and coronavirus (NHS England):
Planning your birth
Looking after yourself and your baby in pregnancy
Parent information for newborn babies

Leaflet and banner: Feeling your baby move is a sign that they are well

Action on Pre-eclampsia

Healthy eating and vitamin supplements in pregnancy (RCOG)

The flu vaccination 2020/21 – who should have it and why (Public Health England)

Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists leaflets:
Twins and multiple pregnancy
Pregnant and using alcohol or drugs?
Cervical stitch
Turning a breech baby in the womb
Increase in body weight during pregnancy
Caesarean Section
Birth options after previous caesarean section

Pelvic Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy (POGP) leaflets:
Fit for birth - essential exercised and helpful advice
Fit for pregnancy - exercises and advice to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy
Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain for mothers to be and new mothers

In-house leaflets:

Aspirin during pregnancy to prevent pre-eclampsia

Baby skincare

Baby’s movement in pregnancy

Bassett Ward, welcome to

Bottle feeding

Breastfeeding, expressing and storage of EBM

Choosing to have a caesarean section

Expressing your milk before baby arrives

Group B streptococcus (GBS) infection in newborn babies

Information for your upcoming caesarean section

Medicines derived from animal products

Mental wellbeing during pregnancy

Obstetric ultrasound service

Off to the best start

Pain relief and your baby

Parent/carer administration of medication whilst in hospital

Perineal care in maternity

Physiotherapy advice and exercises for after baby is born

Safer sleep for babies – a guide for parent

Shoulder dystocia

Vitamin K deficiency bleeding (VKDB)

What to expect after having your baby

Whooping cough and pregnancy


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Last updated: January 03, 2023