Private patients Eastern services

We offer a number of private patient services at the Royal Devon, generating income for the benefit of all patients. This is provided by some consultants and other medical colleagues who choose to do so outside of their clinical hours and scheduled on-call periods.

The income generated by private practice goes back into the Trust's finances, helping to support and improve NHS services. We are committed to reducing our NHS waiting lists and delivering the best quality care across the peninsula. As a result, private services are subject to NHS pressures and may not be immediately available, please contact your healthcare professional for more detailed information about referrals and timelines.  

This service aims to provide the same high-quality, individual care that we strive to deliver to the communities we serve


We deliver high-quality, individual care to all of our patients, and this service provides the same standards we strive to offer every individual in need of our support including general and specialist medical and surgical services on-site.

Our team of consultants and other medical professionals provide this service outside of their core clinical hours and scheduled on-call periods, but rest assured that there will always be a doctor who can see you in an emergency.

Supporting the NHS

All income generated by services provided to private patients goes back into the hospital's finances, to support and improve NHS services, which benefits all patients at the hospital.

Using medical insurance or paying for yourself

You can be treated privately at the Royal Devon whether you have private medical insurance or are paying directly for yourself. For self-funding patients, we are happy to provide a quote to ensure that you are fully aware of the potential costs involved.

If you have an insurance plan with Aviva and are considering private treatment with the Royal Devon, please contact Aviva before arranging your appointment. This is to make sure that any treatment or care is fully authorised with their policy, otherwise, you may have to self-fund to proceed. 

Last updated: May 26, 2023.