Pharmacy - Northern services

The pharmacy team’s vision is to get medicines right by ensuring their safe, effective and timely use throughout our patients’ journey.

The department has a team of around 60 staff, with a mix of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy assistants and admin staff. This team purchases, supplies and dispenses medicines to all sites of our Northern services, as well as to NHS colleagues.

As well as the pharmacy dispensary, which supplies stock drugs and individual dispensed items for out-patients, in-patients and for discharge, we have an aseptic unit which allows us to compound chemotherapy for individualised cancer treatment.

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As medication is the most common intervention in the NHS, accounting for about £16 billion in the NHS annually, the pharmacy team has a critical responsibility in ensuring that the medicines used within the Trust are used appropriately and safely. The team is heavily involved in the Trust’s governance of medicines and advising on the prescribing of treatments, and are increasing prescribing those treatments themselves. The team are also involved in the training of other healthcare professions on medicines.

You will see members of our pharmacy team on the wards and in other departments and are available for advice of medicines, whether newly started, or part of your regular treatment.

Last updated: November 22, 2023.