Blood Transfusion services

Staff in our blood transfusion team examine samples to determine a patient's blood group, detect the presence of any antibodies and provide a match to donor blood, so that transfusions can be given safely. Blood transfusions help save the lives of thousands of patients who are suffering a serious injury, undergoing surgery, and being treated for diseases or lifelong conditions.

Northern services

The Blood Transfusion department provides a comprehensive diagnostic service. You can find out more by calling the Transfusion Laboratory on 01271 322327

Eastern services

The Blood Transfusion Department provides a service for the provision of blood components and products to patients within the RD&E hospital as well as those in satellite renal units and the eastern Devon Community Hospitals. The department also processes blood grouping and antibody screening tests for out-patients, in-patients and antenatal patients.

To find out more, visit Exeter Clinical Laboratory website.

Information for healthcare professionals

We have a dedicated section for Healthcare professionals here.

You can also find out more via the Exeter Clinical Laboratory website (Eastern services) or the Pathology Handbook (Northern services). 

Last updated: December 28, 2023.